17 June 2005

European Union

Few observations I have made recently. European Union is struggling with the new constitution. It was put on hold as French and Dutch voted against it in their referendums. What troubles me with the whole scenario is not whether we will get a new constitution or not but the fact how much we know about the whole document. I guess I should put that how little we know about the constitution. I certainly do not know anything at all. I am not proud of it but it is the fact. And I spend lot of time watching, reading and listening the news every day. I also have to admit that I was not in France or Netherlands during the campaigns so I cannot say how well informed the voters were but I would still say that not enough. And I do not blame them as I think this matter should have been decided amongst MEP’s and national governments. We have already voted for them so why should we vote how they should decide.

I have also long been troubled by the level EU is handled amongst some people and media. No facts, just sentimental arguments. One would think we are already over that one. I have lived almost two years in UK and so far I have not heard a single anti EU argument based on cold facts. I have heard dozens based on emotions and sentimental values about losing the culture, currency etc. What is next? ... losing the language. I doubt that.

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