15 July 2005

Rebirth Of the Nation

Lately I have been amused by the debate that is ongoing on the Enemy Board, message board on Public Enemy site, on the definition of Public Enemy record. Public Enemy is to release a new album 23rd of August but as it has leaked online this week we all already have it. Obviously we are all going to buy that album when it is officially released but we could not wait that long, could we.

Well the debate on the definition started because the album “Rebirth Of the Nation” is completely written and produced by Paris, political hard core gangsta rapper, and not by the group. Public Enemy front man Chuck D is on most tracks but not all and album sounds hmmmm.. very Paris. I like Paris so do most people on the board I assume, but to write a PE album. Many think that this is not a PE album featuring Paris but just the opposite.

Now I was thinking as I followed and participated in the debate how important the definition really is. Or how the album is marketed which seemed to be the problem for many. Is it not the music that matters? My stance is that it is just the tracks and I like them and for me Rebirth is a PE album. Not a classic PE album, but a PE album and a solid one. They still make my head nod. I reckon they always will and I can hardly wait for the “real” album, the New Whirl Odor” to come out sometime next year.