21 August 2005

Few plane tickets, plenty of music and hours of radio

Lot of things have happened since I last posted and in the future I might try to be a bit more consistent with my efforts in writing. I cannot promise but I try. I have been busy getting a lot of new music and quite frankly the trouble with the quantities are that when do I have the time to listen to it all. I remember the days when I was young geezer and once I got new tape, LP or even CD I listened to it until I knew the lyrics and all the small tricks hidden in. Now I can only dream of that but I suppose it is the times that are changing. I have also spend most of my sleepless nights listening to the Air America radio’s archives. And what a wonderful resource that is.


I have now heard all the episodes from the “On the Real” by Chuck D and Gia Garell. Great informative show with a nice mixture of jokes and hard truth. I have also listened to some of the old “Unfiltered” episodes which I highly recommend as well.

The whole podcasting thing seems to be taking off big style and at some point I felt a bit left behind but now, although not receiving the shows on my MP3 library, I do plenty of downloading of shows. It is odd that people listen to some of that stuff at the first place because very often it is just people chatting rubbish but I must warn that it is also very addictive. I suppose it is the whole eavesdropping aspect of it. Cannot blame the ones who get addicted to Big Brother and rest of it reality nonsense on telly. Or maybe I can and I should. The bad news is that Big Brother starts now also in Finland. This is a sad moment in the history of my country.

I have also bought my flight tickets to Cape Town and I cannot really wait until I get to start my job at the Bush Radio (name by the way is not indicating to the W. I hope). I still need to fix few practicalities but other than that I am set to go.

Before my trip over there, which starts 6th of October, I still get to go to Bulgaria. That should be good fun. I am going there with my family. It should be a trip to celebrate the hard times that we recently overcome as I went through the cancer. Not fun that one but equally it is all good in the end, isn’t it. Also a small weekend trip to Tallinn with my Irish friend Shane who is coming next week. I am busy travelling and that is exactly the way I want to live my life.

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