21 August 2005

One shockjock and thousands of disciples

The Howard Stern film ”Private Parts” was on television the other night. I have seen it before but seeing parts of it reminded me on some important matters. One of them is that Stern has some brilliant visions on radio although his moral values are screwed up to say the least. My opinion on him is irrelevant so I will not talk about it more. I feel that he understood something more important than what is considered funny or what crosses the line and I think that many radio presenters fail to get the most important of his messages. If anything, being yourself is funny, listeners can relate to you only when you are being honest and talking about things as you would to anyone of your friends and most of all, and this I would like to emphasise, copying someone else, like Stern, is rather lame and boring thing to do.

I cannot believe how many of my former colleagues have been impressed by all the crazy stuff happening in the film or in his show in general and not many of them realise that there is nothing particularly cool about it, especially if that is not what you stand for in life. I thought all these things were obvious.

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