19 September 2005

Stars of the Television from Jesus to Jade

Few small observations from the perverted media world.

I was flicking through the channels one night when I could not sleep and stopped for a second to the God Channel. It must be rough to run a media that is all promotion because that is what the missionary work is in the media language. It is like TV Shop but with products you cannot see and you might not believe in.

Green Day is fooling us all big style by posing as a punk band and singing about the hypocrisy of media and basing their whole success, record sales and therefore millions in their bank account on pop radio airplay and MTV rotation. In theory this could happen against their own will but if that would be the case why are they even attending the MTV awards. There is nothing generally wrong with making a lot of money just like there is nothing wrong with being anti-structural punk band but if these two go hand in hand it decreases the credibility of latter and it only becomes a way to do what people tend to be doing anyway – maximise the profits.

Is the reality TV not eating its own future? How many more semi-celebrities fit in the tabloids? Or how long are the people willing to read about the people who can only to dream of spending the time that it takes the US government to act in catastrophe in the spotlight? I am very surprised that it has lasted this long but it might have something to do with the fact that in the dozen channels there is not really any choice – except maybe the God Channel. But nothing good.

Why is the job of a radio presenter not really respected? The problem I thing would be easier to fix if the trouble would not mainly be with the radio presenters themselves. Are they ever going to understand that there are thousand people ready to take over the jobs if they cannot be asked to do it. If the computer plays all the songs picked by the music director and you are not bothered to even read the promotion pack on the artist being played sent by the record company then how hard is your job.

That is the rant. Peace.

Few bonuses. Here is the link to a clip from Tucker Carlson show where Chuck D was being interviewed about his song "Hell No, We Ain't Alright"

If you haven't got the song and don't know what it is about you can download it from here.

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