25 October 2005

Big plans

It’s been exactly two weeks now since I arrived to Cape Town. I start to be very used to waking up every morning and being busy until I go to bed. I don’t know if that is a particularly African thing but to me it seems that this continent never rests. Funny how so many people assume just the opposite. I have had my first show which could have been better. Some trouble technically. I always thought I would be over that kind of problem, but it seems that every studio takes its casualties. I have also been doing some features and helped a guy, Junior, to learn how to do them. First one was about tourist and how much they know or care about the harsh realities of townships. Not much was the answer. They seem to be more keen on the Table Mountain and Robben Island. Tomorrow we will go to an orphanage first thing in the morning. That should be an eye-opener once again. Don’t really know much what to expect. I also have a few other interviews lined up and I am very excited about them. Shaqir has been helping me a lot which has been great. So much easier to get into the culture and systems when there is local back up.

I am looking into the ways to get my features and shows uploaded here on the blog. So keep on checking this space.

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