26 October 2005

Don't Get Me Wrong...

Nowhere else in the world have I heard sentences starting so often with ”Don’t get me wrong I’m not a racist but…”. Rest of the sentence is always irrelevant because everything that needs to be heard was said in the beginning. I am in the middle of recording interviews for a radio documentary about the present condition of the country and funnily enough the people who tend to find someone to point the finger at are white. Not all the white but it seems like all who do, happen to be white. I have a feeling that there is much less victimising going on amongst the ones who actually were oppressed. I find it hard to figure out what to make out of this. Is it me who is missing something or is it the different upbringing? At least we have proven that it is not the colour of the skin.

I was just reading local paper Cape Argus and on the front page it had a story about a man who was not let in to two different, predominantly white, pubs due to his skin colour to watch rugby. Owners of the places were convinced that they are not racist but they just have a right to separate people in to different areas according to their origin. Apparently the other pub had a policy where, what they call, “non whites” are allowed to be downstairs but not upstairs. The owner says that this proves that he is not a racist because “If I was, why would I let them in at the first place”. Firstly, here it is a norm to talk about them or them people and they shouldn’t find it offensive and secondly, who can honestly say that this kind of segregation is not racist.

Strange thing also is that I seem to belong into a very small minority who loses their sleep over this. Don’t get me wrong I like Afrikaners… but what the damn is their problem!


Warrior Dog said...

It is so sad, but what you say cannot be denied. Racism is alive and thriving in the 'New South Africa. I am an Afrikaner, who lives in Johannesburg, and I always have to remind people that they must change their ways, or forever be left behind as the legacy, that was apartheid. Hopefully you will also meet some progressive orientated Afrikaners.

Derin said...

It's so strange to think that this still happens..... well, maybe not strange but definitely surprising. Is this really 2005?