25 October 2005

Offensive lyrics and public transportation Cape Town.

I always was the one against having censored versions of the songs as it often seems to be rather obvious to everyone what is being said under the beeep. For the past weeks I have changed my opinions slightly. Here in Cape Town the public transport is based on an independent minibuses which are called Taxis. They are mostly Toyota Hiaces and in one of them you have 17 passengers + driver. I have been in these whenever I have been in Africa as they are norm in most of the countries but here they seem to specialise on playing songs that are very offensive. Particularly considering the history of the country I find it very sad that old ladies have to listen these ignorant Americans talking about bitches, hoes, diamonds and using the big N-word which these people have heard far too much in their past.

Unfortunately the music mostly seems to be 50cent and likes of him … I have been thinking that maybe I should burn some cd:s to give away to the drivers. Mr Biko we would need you now more than ever.

Driving culture here is something quite different that many of us might be used to. Yesterday I was in a car crash when I was in one of these taxis going home and a pickup truck drove recklessly from petrol station to the main road only to crash with one van. The driver must have been high on something because nobody would drive so poorly. After the crash pickup truck driver started reversing with high speed from the car it hit, and came directly towards the car I was in and crashed that as well. Nothing happened to anyone in our taxi but in the other one some girls on the backseats got a rather big hit on their back and didn’t look very pleased with the incident. I can hardly blame them.

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