1 November 2005

Bad karma

Recently I have had the worst luck with material possessions. Or buying them to be precise. It all started little less than two years ago when I bought my laptop. I got it from Finland and soon after getting it I went back to England. As I got back, I noticed that the CD burner was not working like it should. It could not make a CD without something going wrong. Sometimes one track did not work, sometimes the whole disc and in worst cases the whole computer got a bit mad. I obviously had the warranty so when I got back home for the next time I walked back to the shop only to be turned away. I was told that they are not responsible but I should return the product to Hewlett Packard and they would then continue shipping it to Holland or Belgium or Denmark, the salesman did not remember, and then they could fix it. Unfortunately this would take two weeks but in reality, the salesman told me, this would take closer to a month at least. And the best part was that as they would reformat the computer it was possible that I were to get my computer back speaking Dutch, Danish or French. It had happened before, I was told. Altogether not very good deal especially if you only have one week time to do all of this. At this point I would like to remind that I paid the full price with real money and on time.. well before I got the product.

Next item to give me trouble was my MP3 player. It was working like a dream for the first few months. I appreciate that and its presence helped me over some hard times in the hospital. After some time though it started giving me some problems. The plug for headphones was not working properly and I could hardly hear any of the music. It was, and still is, impossible to walk and listen to music because the wire is moving and the listening experience is merely frustrating. I went back to the shop because the product had one year warranty. Unfortunately this product needed to be sent to some country far far away and this time it would actually only take two weeks to fix it, said the salesman. At that time I had one and half weeks left in the country and nothing could be done. Again, I would like to emphasise that I paid with cash.. hard currency and full price.

Next gadget that I bought was a stereo system for my sister when she moved in to her new flat. For some reason, that once again as a consumer I could not understand, the machine was not playing CD:s like I was promised in the shop it would. Once again I paid the full amount, no discounts and once again the product I got was not working properly.

Latest chapter in this sad story took place in Cape Town, South Africa. Although the money spent was not as much as in my previous examples this one possibly is even more frustrating. When I moved to my friend’s house there was no bed for me. So I decided to get myself one of those mattresses that are filled with air. They are not the most comfortable ones but quite convenient. So I got one and came home and did whatever it was that I needed to do and then started filling the mattress. I went to sleep and woke up early next morning which was Sunday and at the same time my only day off in the whole week. First question was where did the mattress go? Seconds later I figured out that there is a hole in my air mattress. It does not take an Einstein to understand that an air mattress with a hole is almost as good as no mattress at all. I tried to find the receipt and I could not. But I found the fixing kit. That unfortunately could not fix the hole.

It would be easy to say that just go to the shop and they will give me a new one which could happen. Even without the receipt. But the trouble is I do not have time to go to the shop. Eventually I might but now, after two more weeks of sleeping on the floor and fourteen mornings of backache, I have not had. The shop is only open at times when I am not available. So it ended up being my problem again that the item sold to me as perfect, was not as promised. Also this product I paid like I was supposed to, smiled and even wished them a good rest of the day. They, whoever they are in which case, will sleep their nights well on their comfortable beds which might or might not be filled with air.

Only one question is left. Where are my bloody consumer rights? They are rather theoretical it seems. If this is what capitalism is then put my name on the list that opposes it. I have been thinking about this a lot and the only logical explanation I can come up with, is that this might be a sign from Ganhi’s spirit which is trying to tell me to get rid of my material possessions. I start off by giving out my mattress. If you want that – hit me with an email.

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Derin said...

You are so unlucky. Sorry mate. Get one of those durable black tape that they use to bind electric wires together, use it to cover the hole. Good luck. Find a good masseuse, feel bad for your back.