16 November 2005

Just a short note..

I have been far too busy with the Cape Town International Film Festival and work to write this week. Besides Tsotsi, that I already mentioned in my last post, I have also seen now Le Grand Voyage, which was fantastic story about father and son driving from France to Mecca and on the way finding each others and Cuban film Scent of Oak. It was a period drama with its good moments and nice message but generally ... let's just say that I am not going to buy that on DVD.
My show will be two hours from now on and it can be heard every Saturday 12 - 14.00 GMT.
I am also hosting the Sakhisizwe, Building the Nation, this Thursday and Friday. It is a talk based programme. The actual presenter needs to go to Johannesburg so I am filling in. That is on 10 -12 GMT on both days.
And lastly few pictures from the beautiful Table Mountain. We went hiking there on Sunday with Shaqir. The trail is covered by clouds so what seems like a fog is a cloud. Few of the first images are old from the False Bay. That is only because the photo service is giving me continuously some problems.

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