24 November 2005

Me and Mr Murphy

I have been having some full contact with the Murphy’s law this week. There might have been something that could have gone more wrong but I cannot point it out right now. My camera was stolen. Considering my love for snapping photos this was a real setback. I have no evidence so I should not point any fingers here, but at the same time as this one geezer was staying at the house, besides mine, also one camera from Sofia’s project was stolen, so it would be very easy to assume that he had something to do with it. I know it was not me, Sofia it was not either, my other housemate Shedrick is on the list of suspects straight after Mahatma Gandhi and only one more person in the house is left. He is now somewhere in Johannesburg and will never come back. The insurance will pay me money back but it is such a shame to lose all these photo opportunities.

The drama with my mattress seemed like a sorted one for a second when I super-glued a patch on the hole and it was almost keeping the air until I woke up one night on the floor as the mattress had a new and far bigger hole. I fixed that as well but now I need to fill it every night before going to sleep and in the morning it is so-so.

While struggling with the mattress I also went through three days of rather unpleasant stomach virus. That was not exactly helping me with sleeping.. or anything for that matter. Very exhausting experience.

I wish I could stop here, you have no idea how much I do, but there is more.

After my chemo therapy earlier this year I have been experiencing some trouble with my fingers and blood circulation in particular. That is what chemo therapy has as its side effect and so far it has been merely inconvenient rather than painful. This week some changes took place and I actually got a frostbite on my finger. I find it ironic that I must come to African summer to get one when twenty six years of Nordic winters did not do it. There was just too little blood reaching my fingertips. I got antibiotics from the doctor who I went to see yesterday. I have not yet started taking them because, and this is the climax of the story, I lost my ATM card and have not got the money to get them from pharmacy.

What happened with my ATM card was odd to say the least. I was trying to get some money out but the machine was speaking only Afrikaans so I did not understand it and then it said something like "you took too long, you bastard you, and I am not giving you your card ever back cos I reckon it’s stolen.. so what’cha gonna do? Ha?". As I said I am not sure because the text was in a language I did not speak but this is what I assume anyway. Now the card is dead, I am not crying but I must admit that things could have gone smoother. At the moment it seems that this incident has not got anything to do with any ATM frauds, that are so common here. No money was lost from my account but I suppose I need to check again in few days just in case if there is a delay in the withdrawal. Fortunately I have Euros with me so I just need to change them to get on with things.

I am not complaining or victimising myself. This is just part of learning experience and I am still here doing the uncompromising radio show and enjoying my time. Like my friend Shane always says – You have to take the rough with the smooth.

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