7 November 2005

Some Observations

Lot of small things are taking place at the moment. I have been doing lot of technical stuff lately which is not necessarily my goal but equally if help is needed I am not going to say no. Documentary is going well.. or it is coming around I should say. I am doing interviews all the time and editing them when I have some time for it. Last Friday I was talking to Nomzamo Sinaze, 16 years old girl, who was giving her views on the situation in the country. Her father is a counselor in the towship of Delft, which means that he has plenty of opponents who are willing to take his place. Her family is threatened constantly, their property vandalised and because their house is promised to be burnt or shot down, the whole family sleeps on the floor to avoid the bullets. She was very mature for her years and I suppose that is exactly what the environment causes. More power to her.

Other things that I have found out lately are as follows:

Pat Robertson, yes the one who wanted United States government to assassinate Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, is the head of Christian Broadcasting Network and hence controls all the money given to Christian media pretty much all over the world including here in Africa. Things are not looking very good regarding the Christian broadcasting media. Hardly ever it is good to have fascist leader.

One of my favourite rappers Jean Grae, who I knew was born here in Cape Town, is the daughter of Abdullah Ibrahim. They exiled to New York when Jean, whose real name is Tsidi Ibrahim, was just a young girl. I knew previously that her parents were jazz musician but my western sources would not expect one to know Mr Ibrahim. I still do not know the name of the mother so I am working on that. Quite a lot of musical talent in one family. Very interesting… unless if you do not know who Jean Grae and Abdullah Ibrahim are. In that case this paragraph would be rather useless read.

One Euro equals now 40 000 Zimbabwean dollar on black market. When I was there in 2002 it was 500-750 Z$. Not very good Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Maybe you need to step up your game, no? I asked the Zimbabwean fella I was talking with, how much the bank charges but apparently there is no more bank rate.. just the street one. Once again I want to emphasise that my dislike towards Mr Mugabe has nothing to do with Tony Blair’s one. Mine is not post-colonial “Good African is westernised African and good African leader is on my leash” –type. I just cannot appreciate the way he treats his people. I also acknowledge that he was a great leader when Zimbabwe was fighting for their independence and I think that Prime Minister Blair should understand that United Kingdom is hardly in a position to criticise after all that they have done on Zimbabwean soil.

To finish this one why not to share few photographs from our weekend trip to False Bay. Did not quite make the whole way down to Cape of Good Hope but saw the penguins and the magnificent views, beaches and the 7… as they would say around here… meaning all or everything is good, sharp and tight, but I am not quite sure about this slang yet.

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