27 December 2005

Global Apartheid

In the middle of one of the conversations that I had in Windhoek, Namibia something occurred to me. Something that I should have thought long time ago. I was talking about immigration from Africa to Europe and how poorly many wannabe cheap workers are treated by western officials. Then I realised that world as a whole functions much like apartheid did in South Africa.

Minority of people control the majority of wealth and natural resources and majority is left out although much of the wealth has been generated from their land. Rich parts of the world do not want to let the poor to come into their land. They are kept in the ridiculous queues and asked to fill all sorts of papers before they can entry to the areas of rich. When they finally get into these areas they are just about good enough to cook or clean for the rich and they will definitely be harassed by the police. That harassment is denied by the authorities of the rich countries. They claim it never happened.
Rich people also make sure that poor are kept poor by keeping the global trade as unfair as they can. Farmers in the poorer countries must sell their products with very cheap prices so they could compete in the global market place with the western farmers who receive the subsidies from their governments or from institutions such as EU.
Sometimes wealthy people must send their armies to the poorer areas as there might appear to be some unrest or a new leader, who does not agree with the western values. All of this is allegedly done just for the benefit of the poorer people. The irony of all this is that any government in rich areas would condemn apartheid now, a decade later, as an awful crime against humanity. Unfortunately few of them did that ten years ago, not to even mention twenty years ago.
People of the rich areas are kept happy with the media that is run and controlled by the people who want to keep the present state of things as it is. It is their economical benefit to keep things as they are. Average person living in a wealthy country just watches the news and concludes that we must be right because according to the media we are free.
Much like the old apartheid regime justified many of their unjust laws and actions as an action against communism, now the rich claim that everything is done in order to fight against the terrorism. A force that only seems to hit the countries that so eagerly oppose it.
Are we in denial or are we too blind to let all of it to happen again. Makes you think doesn't it.

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