28 December 2005

Intercape calls back

I received a phone call from Intercape bus company today regarding the letter that I send them last weekend. I was surprised that they contacted me so quickly. The conversation itself was an odd one. First the woman denied that something I did not accuse them of took place. I explained that I have not said that at the first place and then she went defensive. She told me this is how South Africa is and me and herself as an individuals cannot change the mindset that some people have. When I told her that of course we must do everything we can in order to get things better and to get people respect each others and more importantly themselves, she started agreeing.

After some conversation and me explaining what took place and why I thought it was unacceptable she was thanking me for bringing this up and she promised to organise some counselling to the ones I pointed out having problems.

I am not sure are they really going to take action. I hope they will. I feel good that I got my point across although I realise that probably if I would have an African name they would not have necessarily called me. But something needs to be done. She promised to be in contact with me when some of her supervisors return from their holidays. So I will keep you posted.

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