28 January 2006

Back to square 287.

I haven’t had too much time or inspiration to write here for a while. That while has been exactly the time I have been back from South Africa. I have been busy organising my, yet again, new beginning in Birmingham, UK. Now the flights are booked and generally I have everything that I need to go. Besides everything I need, I also have a new camera which is such a nice one that I am exited about it. This Wednesday 1st of February 2006 will be the time for a change. I have also fixed myself a room which is on a very central location in the second city of UK that one cannot really complain.

It is good to return back to the studies that were interrupted one year ago. I have had a good year filled with many learning experiences including cancer and a community radio. Community radio was a positive experience in every way and cancer merely a learning experience only, but the last check ups prove again that I shall live on.

My train of thought has been wandering on its own rails for a few weeks and I have been thinking about how motivated I am still to move around constantly without ever really making a home anywhere. I suppose I will reconsider these things after my graduation which is still over a year away and I have no idea what that year will be consisted of. I don’t think I would never stop travelling but maybe wished to have a place where I could put my books and records on the bookshelves and give someone a home address where I actually live. Maybe this is just a phase that passes.

For my friends in Birmingham, I will see you soon, for my friends and family in Finland, I hope I get to see you before I go and for my friends globally, I shall see you at some point. Peace.

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