3 January 2006

Best of 05

It is a bit of a cliché to have these different year ending lists but as this is the first end of the year as I have my own blog I thought why not.

Best album 2005

I am not even sure if this was released last year but This Week by Jean Grae blew me away. There are few songs that I like in particular such as Watch Me and PS but the standard is altogether so high, that I cannot say anything negative about it. If the record industry was not so corrupt she would outsell all these lilkims and fiftycents any day.

Some other albums that have had an impact on me last year are Rotton Club by Blak Twang, Arular by M.I.A., Home Sweet Home by Kano, Rebirth of the Nation by Public Enemy (which is not officially even released yet) and Du & Jag Döden by Kent. I suppose there would be many others as well but these were the main ones.

Best book 2005

If I was not sure about the release year of my favourite record last year I can safely say that the book, that had the greatest impact on me, was written long before last year. It was Mohandas "Mahatma" Gandhi’s Autobiography. The story is rather remarkable and it covers so many important historical events described by one of the most important historical figures, who never admits being so important. I wish I could be as humble and determined as he was. I am not saying that I want to be like he was or even follow all his values but I hope that I could stand up as proudly as he did.

Other high rankers are Still Grazing, an autobiography of Hugh Masakela and I must say that Beyond the Engeli Mountains, biography of Oliver Tambo, which I am reading at the moment, will rank high on 2006 list. Unfortunately 2005 was not so good book year for me as I was sick most of the time and was not really able to concentrate properly. I must also mention Da Vinci Code which I thought lived up to its hype. I generally do not read much fiction but it was very entertaining summer read.

Best film 2005

I have seen some good films this year but I think the one that had an impact on me was French Moroccan Le Grand Voyage. Film is about a Moslem father who is getting old and wants to fill his duty of pilgrimage to Mecca before he passes away. He orders his youngest son to be the driver all the way from France, as does not want to fly. It is a road film where views are magnificent although some of them are very grey. Story is all about the relationship between father and son and not to say that women could not enjoy this one, I think they might walk out of cinema with different experience. I have often been touched by films as a human being but this film touched me as a man and that was the first time that it happened.

During the year I also enjoyed Sophie Scholl, a German film about second world war student resistance movement. That actually could have been picked as number one as well. South African township film Tsotsi, which I have written about before was fantastic. Hotel Rwanda was great just like Senegalese Mooladé and Whisky from Uruguay, a funniest film ever without anyone smiling.

These are my picks for 2005. Obviously there has been more experiences in my year than films, books and music, but I shall not go into them here. So that much about that. I hope this year will bring at least as good material as I have mentioned here

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