13 January 2006

Farewell to Cape Town

My departure seems more inevitable than ever. Few more days and I change the southern summer into the northern winter. I must say that Cape Town has treated me well and I am happy about my experiences. I have met wonderful people and learned so much. Work has been fun and station by far the most fascinating I have ever worked for.

I would like thank Sofia and Shedrick, Amkelwa, Shaqir and his family and friends, Zane and the whole Bush Radio crew and all the others who I have met and who have taught me more about this beautiful yet still a bit troubled country.

I am very interested in South African history and politics and I have had great time learning and hearing more about it, regardless of the fact that it is so depressing. We must remember these things so that they cannot happen again. Ever Again.

I am sure that I will return to Cape Town at some point.
Next week I will be in Helsinki, Finland and stay there for ten days before moving back to Birmingham, UK to start over again. I am excited about going back to university so that should be grand. I will keep this space posted as always.

I am also happy about the fact that Welfare State of Mind radio show will continue. I am starting a pilot project with Bush Radio producing my show from overseas (UK) and it is still on every Saturday afternoon.

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