14 February 2006

Birmingham State of Mind

For the past two weeks I have been trying to get back into the Birmingham state of mind as much as it is humanly possible. To start off, I decided to put myself a carrot and after the first week of survival go to London. That I did and had a wonderful trip seeing my dear friends Donna, Markus, Andrea and Gillian. I have not seen them in a year, well except Markus who came to Finland, and it was a nice re-union. Markus had returned his PhD which to me is quite unbelievable. Not the fact that he did it but just in general that it can be done. I myself, at the tender age of 26, still have one and half years to finish my BA, which I find quite troubling if I am being honest here. But fantastic news for him. I am really happy and very proud.

Birmingham has been grey as ever and although I got accommodation and things like that sorted without any trouble, I have felt more or less like being here always ended up being about the destination rather than the journey.

I am still trying to learn how to use my new fancy camera, still trying to learn some HTML skills to add stuff up here at my blog, still trying to create new stuff for my radio show and still trying to understand why I ever chose to commit myself for three years in such rainy and grey place.

I do not want to be negative about it though. I am soon launching the Welfare State of Mind radio show web blog. That will serve the show by having the playlists and some other information about the artist. That will also be an ongoing project so the content will then increase weekly. I am actually quite intrigued by this opportunity and this space will be the first to have the information when the page is up.

So many treats in the horizon, not too many on the plate right now. I must be patient. That is what my Birmingham state of mind is all about.

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