24 February 2006

Friday morning thoughts

Friday morning and a caffeine overdose. I must let some steam out. First thing I hear while waiting for the bus is the band that upsets me on so many levels. Pussycat Dolls. First they sang Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Depends on how you define hot – I am gathering, your opinion of it, is to dress like a prostitute and use too much make-up, so the answer is no, I am afraid. Music is always a value judgement so there is not a wrong answer to a question what’s good. Not universally at least, but I must say that for once I cannot see how could anyone over eighteen years of age in their right mind to like this. I mean their music, not the appearance. Now if the target audience is teenagers, then I am asking myself that in this over-sexed post-Baywatch time of teenage pregnancies, STD’s and rap video girls isn't this the last possible thing that we need?

Their new song Beeb is the best example. The song insinuates all kind of adult rated things but the key words are conveniently changed into a beeb, so arguably it is only my dirty mind that makes me think of these things. In a way I do not have anything against this kind of gimmicky music but I cannot see any other motivation for it but making money. Considering that it is the motivation behind everything we have in this free market Babylon, my argument is like urinating in the wind - nothing constructive is coming out of it. It still upsets me as an individual. I suppose there is a time and place for everything but I cannot think of the time and place for this one.

In the bus I read the free newspaper Metro, which they offer me. I really like the fact that I can quickly have a look at some news before going into the lecture. Just to keep myself updated as I am such a bad morning person that I have no time for it before I leave the house.

I am surprised to find a very small article in the side of some page in the middle. It looks very insignificant and has less than ten rows. It says “Anti-Muslim riots kill 80 in Nigeria”. Wow.. Not only to be an African but to be a Muslim as well. How unfortunate. It takes at least 100 of them to be interesting to people. Our western society has a problem. A big big problem because as far as I am concerned this is much more important than what Associated Newspapers Ltd and Metro editors let us to believe. In the Anti-Western “demonstration” in the London tube last summer far less people lost their life. I am obviously not justifying it I am just pointing out the other side of the coin. We always get stuck with the feeling that we are really far more important than .. well the ones who are not like us. I don’t want to be part of us anymore. I resign.

On the lighter note, on last nights NME Awards the best website was NME website. I know it was voted by the fans – I wonder if the voting was online. At the NME site maybe. Don’t know. Well done for the web designer anyway.

And finally, and this might sort this whole thing out, I read my star sign. I usually don’t do that but when you are all hyped up with caffeine you do strange things. Usually my answer to the “What’s your sign”-question has been “the international finger one”, but I try to stay open and not cynical. For a Virgo it says that today I am going to be told what my problem is. I am waiting for that one with great exitement.

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