6 March 2006

Finally the other side of the story - The Leader, The Driver and Driver’s Wife

I have not been glued to TV for a long time like I was last Saturday watching the Nick Broomfield documentary “The Leader, The Driver and Driver’s Wife” (1991) on More4 in UK. The documentary is about Eugene Terre'Blanche, the leader of AWB (Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging), a South African white supremacy movement. This film is what I have been calling for. For once the other side of the country is uncovered. It is mainly a story about Terre'Blanche’s weirdness but it also shows, how the mindset is within the white population of South Africa. Not all of them think like this, but more people that we would dare to guess. And they are a large part of the South African problem. They are the most eager to see the country to fail. They are racist but racist are always the best spokespeople for anti-racism as they are contradicting themsleves. After decades of subconscious media brainwashing about South Africa and “western tolerance” it was refreshing to see something else.

Of course if all the white South Africans were like this, there could not be an ANC government. AWB is an extremist movement but it exist. It is a movement that was disgusted with the “open-minded” policies of Nationalist Party which created the infamous apartheid. But if we ignore their logo and flag that resemble the Nazi-ones and their uniform and over-the –top parades and meetings, many of the views and opinions that were filmed, reminded me of the
comments I have heard by everyday Afrikaners. Everyone makes their own conclusion but I believe that this kind of thinking was not limited with few lunatics and extremist.

The footage you see is something that without seeing you would not believe. In my overflowing cynicism I am far too naïve to believe that such a prejudice and organised silliness could take place if I did not see it.

I will see if I can get this documentary to South Africa to show to all my friends. They deserve to see what has been going on in the minds of their fellow countrymen. What still is. While being sickened by the content, I am so happy that this is documented and we all should see this. We all should know about it and most of all we should never forget it, because it might just happen again.

Eugene Terre'Blanche speaking in an AWB meeting with the flag of the movement on the background. Nick Broomfield returned to make another documentary on him which has just been released.
Photo from BBC website.

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