7 March 2006

Ghetto Scandalous

I would lie if I claimed to be awfully impressed by the Oscars, as I often do not agree with the results. I am not sure if Tsotsi was the best non-English speaking film of the last year, as there were some fantastic films released, but it is truly a great film. Much better than any English speaking film during the year actually. I am sincerely happy for this great achievement.

See the film but most of all support the soundtrack and support Kwaito. That is a proudly South African product where the profits go to the townships. This is a great thing for African cinema and urban music.
Read my experiences from the South African premier night.
Zola in the Oscars. He played the support role in Tsotsi and did most of the music on the soundtrack.
Photo from the Zola 7 website.

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