23 March 2006

Me, Conan O'Brien and MP Galloway.

It seems obvious that electronic gadgets work no more than two years these days. That is if you are really lucky. My computer never worked quite like it was supposed to and its pseudo-warranty was, although very “effective” in theory, merely an insult to injury in practice. It has been working so and so lately but today, just when I am trying to save the final version of a design work it tells me that it will not do it. Great. I will see what I can do but hopefully I can come up with something else than start again before the Friday’s deadline. I have had it for two years and couple of months so I suppose it was about time.

I am sure that I can sort it out.

My sister was here last weekend and we had nice time. Some St Patrick’s celebration and trying to understand the idea behind the funny hats that Irish are so fond of. Those big ones, that are shaped like Guinness pints and things like that. Peculiar things those are but in some way funny. Not “funny and I would wear them in public” –funny, but funny.

She also brought me a tape of Conan O’Brien’s Finland episode
which I was writing about last time. It was quite funny I must admit. I am not sure why anyone else would find it funny and I am not completely sure if I want other people to find it funny. What I mean is that if you see only this programme and do not know anything else then it just seems strange in a way but when you know how it is, it becomes funny because it is so true.

In UK, MP George Galloway, who has had his fair share of media exposure after being in the celebrity Big Brother, was yesterday in the Channel 4’s Last Word programme. Besides other things he was commenting the Eurovision song contest. Why he was asked to do that was beyond my understanding but he said that it is evident that British and American music is superior to
the rest because when he is driving in Europe (here they don’t think that Britain is part of Europe), he hears mainly British or American music in the radio. I do not know much what he stands for politically but this in depth analysis of the global power structures of music industry and corporate decision making which, at least to me, resembles cultural imperialism on an almost global scale, failed to impress me. What an arrogant and ignorant muppet. Surely we also speak English as well because it is superior language and not because England tried to take over as much of the world as they possibly could and then use it in their advantage and to a large extend succeeded in it.

Either this is a strange country or then I am a strange person who just does not understand. Maybe both.

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