28 April 2006

Back to ignoring the surrounding world

I bought myself a new MP3 player few days ago while having a layover in Amsterdam. My old one broke down few months ago and I have been living without music while walking, sitting in a bus or surfing online in the library for a while and it has been a strange experience. To hear what people are talking about in the bus. I bought my first Mini Disc when I was eighteen and after that I haven’t really had that experience.

But now when I put my music on my new and shiny device I am back to the basics. I had a long walk today and because I do not have any playlists set yet, I had the whole library on shuffle and what a great experience that was. These days the amount of music is so large that you only get to concentrate on the new ones and rarely look back at the old tracks. Not necessarily even classic songs but songs that are nice and which you used to listen to. Today I had unique mix of hardcore rap, African jazz, rock, kwaito, and many other styles only interrupted by a stand up routine of some of my favourite comedians. This mix as such will never be repeated although similar ones can be heard whenever I go for a walk again. Now I might actually, realistically, go for a walk again.

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