21 April 2006

Getting Glasses

For some reason I don’t write very often when I come to Finland. I suppose it is because I am busy seeing my friends and family here or then nothing ever happens here.
It’s the former really. Few quick points anyway.

I got glasses. It is true. They are for reading and computing. My mum told me that one should get those when closer to 40. I suppose I am very mature or then just addicted to computer. I am about to get them from the shop now now. It is the strangest thing.

The radio show is going very well and I am actually returning to Cape Town for the summer. I am very exited.
I shall write more later when I get back to UK. I have some things that I need to get out of my system so look for my humble opinion of why the war against piratism is such a joke. And not very funny one.
Peace, Mik

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