2 April 2006

Going home

I have just landed in Amsterdam for a layover on my way to Finland. It is time for the Easter holidays again so I left the first spring days behind and go a month back to the late winter. That does not bother me but instead I am happy to get back to the homelands for a while.

In the security check here in Amsterdam I was the only one to be picked “randomly” from the long queue to go through rather thorough body search. It was not quite the worst that one could imagine but still for the lack of better expression I would call it a sexual harassment. If only I could read minds I did not have to speculate but it seemed obvious to me that I was picked after the person checking us, saw my Public Enemy hat. At least that was what she was looking at when she immediately took me aside. I am not calling this any kind of conspiracy but probably just immature prejudice, maybe just paranoia from my side but just in case next time I should wear some kind of a G-Unit hat so the powers that be would think that the only destruction I am capable of is a self-one.

Few other things on the agenda. I do not think that I mentioned before that I went to see a British film, Kidulthood, some weeks ago. Not a life-changing cinematic experience I must admit but quite decent film. It was a harsh story about the youth in London but my problem was, that I was not quite sure if it was realistic. Mainly because it was so harsh. All the critiques and reviews that I have seen blame it for exaggerating the problems but my friends Rochelle and Samantha confirmed that it was all true. They are from the mean streets of London and said that everything that took place in a film, they had either seen themselves or heard from their friends. That adds quite a lot on the impact of the film in retrospect.

Other friends of mine, Tom and Zeb, have opened up a new and very cool website for their radio programme called THOX (Thinking Outside of The Box). You can find it here, so have a look at Zeb’s notebook and browse through the pages. We agreed on cross-promotion so if the link to this blog does not appear there soon, fellas are going to be in big trouble.

I shall go and have a cup of coffee now. Besides the unfortunate incident that I mentioned I must admit that they have a nice airport here in Amsterdam. I was not so sure few years ago when I was sleeping the whole night here ( I think I actually slept less than half an hour but my sister slept the whole night. She got all the good sleeping genes) but for a short time this is a decent place. The urban legend about this place having a brothel by the way is not actually an urban legend, but a fact. My friend Faouzi, who has worked here some years ago, confirmed it. I still rather go for a coffee and before you ask.. no, they do not have those coffee shops here.

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