12 April 2006

Music Industry's favorite type of Artist - Dead Rapper

The list of dead rappers just got longer the other day when Proof from D12 (yes, it is Eminem’s group.. remember my band, my band…) was gunned down in Detroit. News and rumours say that he may have started the gun play himself by shooting the bouncer in the head but then again when people are glorifying this stop snitching mentality who knows what really happened. I don’t really even want to get into the whole topic as the “hood” I am from only saw people losing their lives by their own hands – arguably out of boredom.

I hate to be the cynical person that I am on the moment like this, but quite frankly I am doubtful that the industry would be crying over this. One more dead rapper.. you know how much more money you make out of dead one than one who is alive. Look at Big L. I am not saying that he wasn't good but surely he sold much more posthumously. This is not based on statistics then so feel free to prove me wrong. Or maybe you should look at Tupac. Sure his sales were decent when he lived but quite frankly the sales have been ridiculously high when he has not been around demanding a better contract
So let me guess - Eminem records song by the name of Oh, How We Miss U and it sells by its millions. The best of Proof album arrives to the shops.. DVD, Book, anything that can be made money out of... oh yeah the Lost Tapes, lyrics that were not good enough for the album are put on some beats and some R.Kelly-type of singer singing some awful chorus about seeing you in heaven.
They did it with Notorious BIG, the certainly made it with Tupac Shakur so why not with Proof.
When they say Rest in Peace, I wish they actually meant that.

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