22 May 2006

Ah well..

So we won the Eurovision song contest. It is funny I say “we” because I have always been opposing this awful competition and most recently last week wrote that our candidate is a gimmick which will get votes because others are so boring. Yes, I did compare them into a right wing populist party. I am not taking any of that back, maybe with an exception when I claimed that this event has a negative effect on our national self-esteem. It appears that the impact has been rather positive. That is just fine, I suppose I could even say fantastic.

The positive side of things is that when we won, we actually were doing something that is quite typical to our nation, not imitating Swedes or anyone for that matter. I also pity the idiots who in the coming years try to copy some kind of a shocking gimmick. I suppose it is better to be a gimmick than to desperately pretend to be one.

Still, I swear that this heavy metal movement, although this was a pop song, has caused so much negativity in my life, that I would be a hypocrite to jump into the bandwagon and pretend that these people were friendly to me even when I insisted that Public Enemy is superior to Iron Maiden. My teenage trauma is an obstacle that kind of stops me from enjoying the moment of victory. Make a song about that Daz Sampson, a British old white man who was “rapping” about the teenage problem. That really must have been the most suspicious song ever.

I still would have changed this into the Ice Hockey Olympic gold, but that is over and I have decided not to care about Ice Hockey ever again. I also promise not to write anything more about Eurovision either. Let’s face it – it must be the most ridiculous competition on this planet. Maybe after those beauty contests in USA, where women who wear too much make up are competing with their very young daughters who are wearing, where possible, even more make up. That really is sick my friends.

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