4 May 2006

Blame on the foreigners ..again!

The local elections are held in England today and polls have been promising increasing support for the BNP (British National Party – a kind of right wing populist and for the lack of better expressions racist bunch of white Englishmen). I have been watching the news as normal this week and I must say that if BNP really gets support that it may, they need to write thank you letters to the media. Pretty much all of them, including BBC, has been talking about Home Secretary Charles Clarke’s and his administrations failure to deport the foreign criminals from the country after they have been released from the prison.
Regardless of what I or anyone thinks about foreign criminals it has been an atmosphere of “let’s get them foreigners who come here and threaten our wellbeing”. When for a week before the elections media only talks about us foreigners in UK as criminals who should be deported and who are a threat to the natives one cannot be surprised if some group of right wing populist are gaining support. The fact is that there are at the moment 90 foreign criminals who have served their sentences and are back within the communities. The population of UK is around 60 million. Now think again. I am sure the home-grown criminals are bigger threat to them than handful of foreigners.

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