19 May 2006

Nightmare of Eurovision and a happy day in Liverpool

I am not proud of this, but I was just watching the Eurovision song contest semi-finals on television. Before it got unbearable and my ears started to bleed due to the blandness of this horrific pop event and one European country after another trying to make cheesier songs just because years and years ago ABBA got their career started there. This year it is my peoples from Finland who are trying to shake things up a bit and what would be better way but to dress up like a monster and then sing rather awful pop song. I saw their performance and it was the very first time I heard or saw this “our” entry. The whole thing has gotten lot of attention back home and when they started their performance I felt as proud as I would when hearing that my fellow countrymen have misbehaved in the Ice Hockey World Championships (which they have by the way), but it got a bit better before it finally ended. All in all it is a gimmick and as I have said before, and I will stand behind this, we should get a special permission not to participate in this. It is bad for our already low-national self-esteem. We are like the right wing populist party of Eurovision. We are getting some protest votes because all the others are so boring.

Other things worth mentioning include my first ever visit to Liverpool last weekend. I and my friend Marc went up for a Sunday and the city really smiled for us. Marc is a massive Beatles fan so we saw the museum and some other historical hotspots such as the Cavern club where band established themselves and rest of the day we were mainly avoiding the football fans as Liverpool had won the FA cup the day before. But a nice place. Definitely gave me good vibrations.

I have also opened up a MySpace site. It is that day and age you know. If you are doing MySpace go on and add me up as your “friend”.

University starts to be in its final days for this year. I will have few more deadlines to meet, one visit to London to see friends and some other smaller things to do before finally finishing the second year, which has taken enough time. But it is all good in the end.

That is all for now. I had few things which I wanted to mention because they anger me a bit, but I am in such a good mood that I do not want to dwell on them right now.
After all, it is spring and life does look pretty good.

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