10 May 2006

Sony Awards

Recently I have had to dedicate all my creative energy towards the university work and I haven’t been able to write much here. I still have a bit left to do but this week something rather fantastic has happened.

My flatmate Sam won not one but two Sony Awards, the most important radio awards in UK, for sound production work. That is really cool and I am quite happy as not only did a West Midlands station, Kerrang! 105, 2, win the station of the year but got four awards altogether. In the country where media is very concentrated in the capital area this is just great.

I feel that the justice was done at least with the sound production awards. This is for two reasons, first one being that Kerrang! Has quite cool and very sarcastic sound and second the others generally sound rather awful. When I worked for this station when it was launched in 2004 I was particularly impressed by their flair so for once, i wholeheartedly agree with someone.

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