22 June 2006

Cape Town winter days.

Cape Town looks good, although rather grey, after the first few days of this trip. I am so happy to be here again, seeing friends and working at Bush Radio. Many things have changed since I left in mid-January earlier this year and lot of new people have replaced the old ones. That, I suppose is a standard in such a station where staff is quite young and many are coming or going into the different schools and universities.

My research has started well. I am following a current affairs programme called Morning Cruise hosted by Adrian and Leandra. The difference between this show and most others is that they are both visually impaired. Listener cannot hear that but in the production process many things change because of it. It’s a fascinating show and a great idea if I am being asked. Actually, I never was but I took it as my task to look into it by myself.

I was thinking the other day that there must be some differences here to back home as in our programme, the Tip of the Day was how to behave when being mugged, targeted by a murderer or being kidnapped in a car trunk. Quite mad really. By the way, if someone jams you in the trunk of their car you must kick one of back lights of the car out and wave to the other people who may then call a police. Never thought of that – or being kidnapped in general for that matter.

I also visited the home studio of Jackal Pack, a Capetonian rap squad helped out by my friend Shaqir. It’s a cool collective with rapping in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa. Also one of the lads is from the Democratic Republic of Congo but he uses English in his raps. Studio was in the bedroom of Jimmy, who is one of the guys. As the walls were padded with mattresses the sound quality was nice and it came up that one great way of creating even better mic booth is setting up a shower curtain rail on the wall and put a blanket on it so it surrounds the recording area and creates a “booth”. While talking about this it occurred to me that probably more than half of the music that I feature in my radio show has been recorded in someone’s bedroom. That is the beauty of Hip Hop. It is the real DIY of our generation.

The show, Welfare State of Mind, will be back and live in the studio on this Saturday. It is great to do that again, although the experiment of the overseas recordings has been really nice and in my view, rather successful. The show is also back to being two hours long starting from 2pm South African time (GMT + 1 and EST + 6).

Jackal Pack will be live in the studio on 1st of July and if everything goes well on this Saturday 24th of June I will have a visit from Endzi, whom I have seen performing live before and she should have finished recording of her own new record just this week so we will feature her music fresh out of studio – which by the way may have been in someone’s bedroom but I am not sure. I must ask about it.

No photos at this point but surely I will get some more of them when I have time. So far it has been non-stop and I have not even sent any emails to anyone. Stay tuned to Welfare State of Mind in radio and right here in the big big web.

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