7 June 2006

My first year of this.

Tomorrow I am going on a day trip to an island between Finland and Sweden called Ahvenanmaa (in Finnish) or Åland (in Swedish). I do hope the weather is fine as the coastline and all the small groups of islands should be stunningly beautiful. I do hope I have some photos at the end of the week to put up here.

The reason why I mention this already is that this experiment of weblog has its first anniversary tomorrow and I will not be able to write then.

One year is a long time although it has flown by. At the time I was sitting in a hospital Chemo drip in my hand when I was told by a nurse that they had finally fixed the broadband connection in our floor. I was only supposed to go and check my mails and read the Enemy Board but as I had more than enough time I started a blog, which was something that I had thought about for a while already.

Now reading back my views over the past year is quite funny. I have been in few different places and many great things have happened. Cape Town experience was great and I am actually going back there in one and half weeks on 17th of June, being in England was probably one of my best runs in that country ever and the general growth as a human being, regardless of how cheesy it sounds, has been amazing. I am quite glad that I have it all here.

I am confident that there will not be a lack of things to write about so I will keep on doing that. Thank you for everyone who has been stopping by and reading this stuff. Keep on coming back.

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