26 July 2006

Design work

One of the things on the agenda for this trip in Cape Town was to help out with few weblogs and MySpace sites for my friends here. So far few blogs have been opened and one is already up and few times updated. I hope that soon enough I can link few more but for the time being you can go and check the original Hip Hop show of Bush Radio, Headwarmaz new blog which is done with the same layout as mine.

As I mentioned, few more on their way but for now I am busy with something more demanding. I have been entertaining this idea of starting to do more graphic design as so far it has just been a hobby and only for a very short while. My friend Endzi asked me to design her album cover and I must say that doing the mock ones or something out of your own creative idea is much easier and stress free than to actually try and capture someone else’s idea – especially when it is a complicated one. Well I have few versions ready now of Kingdom of the Next and I quite like one of them but for me to design a cover it takes a fraction of the time than it does to record an album. So it must be very good and most of all it must be just about what the artist hoped for.

I must keep on working with this project. Last thing I want is for the artist to be happy with music but not with the look of the record and as I wrote before in my tips for independent artist – the product must look good.

For now nothing else to write home about. The next few weeks may see
something quite exiting though.
This photo has got nothing to do with the cover but is of Endzi. I will post the end produt when it is done.

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