29 July 2006

Fruits of our labour

Last night me and my friend Shaqir went to see a really cool documentary about Tsietsi Mashinini a student leader and organiser of June 16th demonstrations in 1976. It is the South African Documentary Festival time here and on the roster there are many good films I wanted to see but not time for any of them. That is unfortunate. In the film something very interesting was said about the events thirty years ago. When people talk about it everyone mentions Hector Petersen, a thirteen year old school boy who was the first to die to the bullets of oppressor but he was just a victim. He become the face and the symbol even so that now the museum in Soweto, Johannesburg is named after him but the leaders of the demonstrations never get any credit. They did not belong into any major political movements but their influence, or the influence of this demonstration they organised has been praised as the starting point to the final part of the struggle.

Also the design work for the Kingdom of the Next CD for ENDZ starts to be finished. Few more text things and tomorrow, Monday, we can hopefully finish that completely. Here is the actual front cover without the rest of it.

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