11 July 2006

Interesting interviews

I could not be much happier with the way my shows are going at Bush Radio. I have been lucky enough to get some really cool people visiting me for a chat and this Saturday was not exception. Far from that actually. Emile from the legendary Black Noise came through with Jamayka Poston from Angola to talk about their new record the Conquering Lions. Quite frankly I wish we would have had much more time as I had many things left we did not have time for. I should start doing a talk show where I could just talk to interesting people. What a great characters they both were and very intelligent. They are kind of people who talk about things you are interested in, but you probably never knew that before they mentioned it so I was happy to just listen a lot.

Emile on right and Jamayka on left at Bush Radio and Welfare State of Mind radio show last week.

I also read Emile’s book, My Hip Hop is African and Proud, and it was good read. He has been working a lot in Sweden so it was fascinating to read how he, as a person from South African culture and society just like so many of my friends, experienced the Scandinavian culture where I was brought up in. I must let all my friends here to read it so they can understand why I am walking so fast and why I am avoiding eye-contact with people on the street. Back home I would be considered as a crazy person who possibly is about to murder you if I did look someone in the eyes – or asked a time from a person I do not know.

The book is not only about things like that though. It is a collection of poetry (song lyrics), letters to the press, opinions, history, explanations to many problems and other healthy things. It is about self-love and knowledge of self.
Next week in the show I will be having Rushay from the Africa’s Gateway website talking about Hip Hop in Eastern Cape and especially in Port Elisabeth.

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