5 July 2006

More on swearing.

Doing a daytime Hip Hop show in radio tends to put me in the danger zone with profanity and general offensive language as I wrote earlier. I spend a lot of time editing swear words out of songs that I want to play as they rarely come as singles with the already existing radio edits. That means that I have also spend some time thinking about what is offensive and what I personally would not mind hearing on air.

The rules are straight forward. There are certain words that cannot be said in the song and there is no space for negotiation. If I accidentally play song with swearing, and I do believe it has happened few times, I do not get fired, fined or anything for that matter but in the long run surely there would be some actions to be taken.

While not necessarily encouraging the swearing I also think it is not quite as simple as every F-word is offensive. I believe that there is a difference when one is saying f*** the system that’s racist, to saying for instance f*** the so and so cos I don’t like him/her, if you get what I mean. But rules are rules.

But the rules are working against the Hip Hop music. I do acknowledge that the style of music is completely carried away with stupid and hateful remarks that could be lost but it also holds certain anger and some words are part of that expression. In Heavy Metal one can have quite a grim message from the dark side of the things which does not do any favours to the teenagers growing up and trying find their ways in the world. Take that from me because I grew up with people who only listened to that type of music and some of the things that I saw are nothing that I wished anyone to do.

Of course there is a responsibility with the parents but one must also remember that not in every country can the parents understand what these rappers or rockers say and it would be a bit hard for them to tell kids not to listen to anything that they cannot understand. World does not work like that.

Within the Hip Hop industry there is also great conflicts of message. It is obvious that to say sick things one does not need to use the f- word or any others that are prohibited. You can disrespect the women, the gays, glorify violence, ignorance and all sorts of things and still be “radio friendly”.

This is not something that I think will change in the near future and yes I can keep on reversing the swearing in the songs that I support although in my view they would not always be harmful but rather powerful. It is all hypocrisy anyway just like showing a middle finger in TV, then blurring it and sincerely thinking that we do not know which finger is being showed under the pixels. Or the way I edit the swearwords in my blog. But what the f*** are you going to do about it.

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