11 July 2006

This country can confuse an outsider.

There was a strong rumour last week going on in South Africa that the 2010 football World Cup has been moved to Australia or that there is a back up plan for it if and when the organizers fail. It was enough to make the President of FIFA, Sepp Blatter to shout ”MAMMA MIA” in his speech wondering how can this come from the organizing country itself. Apparently the rumour was just circling here and nowhere else.

The trouble in South Africa is, the way I see it as an outsider, that there is a group of people who want to sabotage everything that someone is trying to achieve. I have a suspicion what and who this group is consisted of but due to the lack of concrete evidence I do not wish to speculate about it that much here. Nelson Mandela said long ago that it is the media in the country that has set the new nation to fail.

Last Saturday on my way to work I saw a tabloid saying something like “The Logo for 2010 – Does It Work?”. Someone in this country want to make people to doubt everything. Common nominator to all this rumours and questions in the media and such is that they do not offer anything constructive. If not this then what? It is just finger pointing and trying to make the citizens of South Africa to feel that something is all the times about to go horribly wrong. That tourist should not com here because it is too dangerous and in its essence – the government has failed.

I was actually reading a website which tells tourist if you do this, you will die and if you do that you will die when I have done all the things in the lists and had fun and learned so much while doing them.

My opinion, and once again I emphasise it is the one of an outsider, while the government may have not been perfect (if someone can tell me a country with a perfect government please email it to me - I would like to learn all about it) they are definitely alone with very little support. These so-called western countries are hoping them to denounce the African in them and be a good free market western country while their NGO’s are concerned with some individuals who have been corrupted in their jobs. I work at the Community Station and when I mentioned that how about a bit of a positive news every day I got a response “there is no positive news in Cape Town”. That is quite mad, when I see them all the time just by taking a taxi (minibus) to work. There are but because no one has ever bothered to mention them they are only considered as “not bad news”.
The transition that this country has gone through is amazing to me. It is not perfect, again what is perfect – I definitely know it is not Europe, but it is getting somewhere even when “everyone” wants it to fail. I am an outsider in this country and certainly not a specialist but I wish that the true African unity and philosophy of Ubuntu will find its way to these suspicious ones so that they could start contributing positively on people’s, both South African and foreign, opinions about the future prospects of the country and also to the actual future of the country.

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