2 August 2006

The first hours in Tanzania

After being in Tanzania for less than twenty-four hours I feel that I have learned few important things. Learning new things is what it is all about for me, so it looks like I am going to have good time here. The arrival already was great, as the first thing I saw was welcome to the Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere International Airport. I noticed that not only did the South African travel agency have old apartheid names for the South African airports but they also failed to recognise the new name of Dar es Salaam airport, which is now named after one of my heroes Mr. Nyerere.

Tanzania is hot and humid at the moment. It looks so different to South Africa and even compared to its neighboring countries of Mozambique or Kenya, which I have visited on my earlier travels. As I said I have only been here for a short moment and I cannot say much more about it yet but the city looks fascinating.

One thing that I had the time to notice is that the taxis, here known as Dala Dala, are even older than they are in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia or in any country where I have been taking them. By taxi I do not mean a cab but a minubus taxi filled with people. Here they have less seats so more people "can" stand so there is more space. Not the most comfortable yet not the least comfortable ride that I have ever had. It did rank closer to the latter though, but I do not want to complain too much about anything now.

I also learned that getting online may just be one of the best things for anyone who has a business to do. It depends a bit on what kind of business but for instance the guesthouse where I am staying for now is far enough from the town. Its location is not very good although the surroundings are very beautiful but in the country kind of way. The reason why I am there and why few other people seem to be there is because it could be found online and also booked from there. Many places on much better locations, possible even cheaper ones may be lacking business because they are not online and therefore cannot be found that easily. What I always do is to book online just for few nights to get started and then find a better place and that is what I am about to do now as well. But I must still say that it is just the location, other than that the place is really nice.

I also learned that the music I must look into here is called Bongo Flavor. I hope to find out as much about that as possible. Nothing much more for now, but surely I will be updating this space as the days go by. The photos may have to wait until I get back to Cape Town but they are on their way as well.

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