4 September 2006

It's been a while.

So I have not been writing in a while, actually not much after my trip to Tanzania, but it hardly means that nothing has happened. There are few reasons but I suppose the main one would be that I have worked with handful of other blogs for Bush Radio programming. Some of them are up and running and some just up, but then again I am hoping for the people to take the ownership of them and that may, in this very hectic environment, to take a while. I was thinking about it how the needs for the different skills are changing right here in front of our eyes when everyone get to learn some web skills on top of the radio ones. But Bush Radio by itself is not only a radio – nor its new blogs. Actually here is the place where I have noticed I can most freely be creative and try things out without anyone knocking my idea before I voice it. Sometimes I wish that lot of the people would have had some experience in commercial side, where the work in my experience is more robotic, so they could appreciate the opportunities here.

I am having my last few days left and trying to run things as much as I can. There are still few things to think about and quite frankly the facts that I am flying to Finland through Heathrow and with British Airways are creating some new challenges in packing. Nothing that I could not overcome though.

Check the links from below if you have much time in your hands.

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