21 September 2006

TV Overdose

So I am back in UK, the hub mass communication and all of its side products on the current affairs and entertainment fields. And there has not been a lack of events taking place, which I am sure is always the case, but now I have been paying more attention to them – I have been watching television in other words.

Home secretary of United Kingdom, John Reid, gave speech earlier this week encouraging the Moslem parents to keep an eye on their offspring if they may be leaning towards the extremism – or terrorism – whatever they want to call it. That kind of statement, demand or just recommendation must have been made in the name of the so called war against terrorism, which probably justifies it to many people and Reid himself but is it not a bit blunt thing to say? It is understood that we live in this world where more and more people fall into being suspects for something but can you really make a sweeping statement that all the Moslems are suspected and they are responsible collectively of all these so called threats that so called west is facing and their parents should actually start doubting the children they are bringing up? I hope that this was not the intention of Home Secretary because then he could have said that all the Moslems are to be stopped and searched on the streets and the airports – which would actually explain some of the stuff you see in the security check points around the world – because “they” have been responsible of these acts that which have given the “west” an open cheque to continue doing what they previously did under the banner of colonialism. Quite frankly having lived here for few years now I am more afraid of the kids who have the St. George’s English flag in everything that they wear, drink and get rowdy. An awful generalisation from my side but I suppose it just reflects my fears in this society, which I have because I think they may hate my freedom of not supporting their football team. I suppose I should not put myself on that level but sometimes comparisons need to be made in order to highlight the ridiculousness of the statements being made in the politics and more so the actions that are taken on the ground level by the police officers, custom officers and even night club bouncers.

Now it was also in the news that the police officers who shot a Brazilian man who, they claimed had a bulky jacket and acted suspiciously and who later on was proven not to have a bulky jacket and did not act all that suspiciously, were pleaded not to be quilty. He paid the price of his actions that he did not take and choose of clothes which he did not wear by taking eight bullets.

My favourite unfunny joke at the moment is that the first British soldier has been convicted as a war criminal because of his inhumane treatment of people in Iraq. That is not the joke part, that is just sad that it has happened but now the British media, including BBC, talks like he is the first war criminal in the country ever. If that really is the way they see it, I would like to be fly on the wall when they teach history of past few hundred years in schools here. Big words from the country which first created the concentration camps.

But I really do not hate this country, it is not perfect but it is okay at times. It is just that it is often portrayed as some kind of Babylon.

President Bush was also giving his speech on the UN conference which I was watching live and I must say that first of all, he is still not very charismatic speaker and secondly the speech was very arrogant and resonated the old “white man’s burden” which again was a rationale explaining colonialism and imperialism. I do not have anything very intelligent to say about his speech but surely he makes it very hard to like him much considering his worries over the world and disregard of say hmmm… New Orleans.

I am not saying that there are not problems in some countries he named but then again as a devoted Christian, and as it seems that the whole world needs to pay some sort of a price of, not his only, but people who share his views, actions – the one who is innocent can throw the first stone.

BBC was first very careful to use the word coup of what is happening in Thailand but it certainly seems like one to me. Also the demonstrations in Hungary taking place at the moment it seems like we are living very unstable times. But I seriously doubt that this is something extraordinary. It has been happening all the time – maybe just in the countries that do not foster European tourists or which are not part of EU.

On the other end of TV entertainment, the reality shows which are ravaging my home country at the moment have taken a different turn in UK it seems. Many of them are actually struggling with rather interesting topics. Namely Ian Wright’s Unfit Kids in which the former football hero is trying to get obese children to learn team spirit and get a bit fitter at the same time. Last night he was going around to some places trying to raise some funds in order to have an after school programmes with the same idea. I personally think it is a great idea but as it is not very media sexy so it seemed to be hard to convince corporate businesses to agree on any kinds of donations. Well namely only Sony. Another one and straight after the one I already mentioned was Ballet Changed My Life: Ballet Hoo!, where kids from very troubled backgrounds were learning some discipline for life via learning ballet dancing. They are all well and good and also very admirable these projects but if only they could happen more widely and not all of them necessarily televised – so that people like myself could not feel the satisfaction that I am not that unfit or not that troubled and actually go and do something with our lives as well and stop moaning and being angry in the internet.

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