7 October 2006

Few thoughts from the island.

The rain that is pouring down today is just ridiculous. It sounds like the biggest cliché, I know, but I am not saying that it always rains. But always when it rains I seem to be outside for one reason or another. And the public transportation is what it is, sometimes you are lucky and jump into the bus straight away, more often you wait but why is it almost non-existent when it is raining? – And why am I outside?

Besides getting soaked today the houses, the Victorian ones, are the only places on earth where it takes a week to get your laundry dry without the dryer and you must put a jacket on when you go in because it is colder there than outside (I have no idea how that is even possible).

That is all today. Have a good weekend and I will have a hot drink.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds familiar. :)