13 October 2006

Good times

This week on Tuesday I went to Wolverhampton. Not the most exciting place on most days of the year, actually as far as my experiences go, quite the opposite. But I did not go there to hang out but for a reason – a very good reason. Legendary Public Enemy, my favourite band was performing there.

It is always serious event on one hand; I want to be on a venue early enough to get on the front row and maybe buy a T-shirt but on the other, it is just the best fun ever. It was my third time of seeing them live. Other gigs have been in Helsinki and then in Dublin. All of these have been on the highest standard and two more recent ones with a full live band playing the tracks. The energy during the two and half to three hour concert is unbelievable. It is the most exercise I get these days and I am not afraid to admit that I behave in these like a teenage girl during the Westlife concert – what can I say.

Great concert and what made it even better was getting a shoutout from the leader of the group, MistaChuck D, and later on signed tracklist of that gig. I get very exited about things like that so good times. It has been a good week as I also have the first anniversary of the radio show. Cannot complain.
Here is the actual item - well scanned version - but if you click it you can see a bigger version.

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