15 October 2006

Revolution will be sold in the shopping centre!

I have been wandering around Birmingham city center today for most part of the day. I find it to be amusing or sad. It really is completely depending the mood I am on. Now that I have had a good week, today the anniversary of the radio show, Public Enemy concert and people around me have just generally been nice, I felt amused by the capitalism taken to its extremes.

What is my definition of capitalism taken to extreme I hear you ask? Well I suppose it can be few things; one of them definitely is what I always complain about when you buy something and immediately lose any rights for anything but the really mad one is when revolution, rather its imagery and symbols are up for sale. And the thing about it is that they are not exactly on discount. There are few so called revolutionary artist, musicians, who record for major record labels (considering the kind of contract policies and the ruthlessness of the big companies, we should not hold our breaths with the revolution), and that is kind of contradictory to me but today I saw a kind of scarf that some anarchist, however the group is labelled, often wear on sale in an trend shop. And the price tag on it said £16! Now before you think that I looked the tag because I wanted to buy it – no is the answer – I was just so amused to see it there. Then again Che Guevara T-shirts have been a standard for a long time and there are times I feel that not quite everyone knows who is that mysterious character in their shirt; maybe if they did they would not even wear them.

Well if the idea of revolution has turned into the image driven; or rather its image has become a trend then what is this revolution anyway? How do we define it. Firstly – I must say as I seem to give some vibe and people make conclusions - considering me a revolutionary is the biggest joke ever, I have never felt like one and I do not feel I have ever done anything particularly revolutionary – mainly because I never wanted to. When I talk about revolution, I mean the Marxist/Leninist step towards their ideal society. I think it is rather hypocrite idea as people just are not that “good” that it would work. I was not born into a society where any other kind of revolution was needed anyway. I have never been oppressed and although I often say big words about crimes against humanity – what have I really done in order to earn the title revolutionary in a wider scale (even outside of this Marxist definition.) – I wish I had but nada is the answer my friends and that is ok. At least I know what I am not.

Then again there is another way of describing revolution. It is much more sensible to me. It is about the evolution of mind; knowledge of self if you wish. According to that I do my best to fit in the description. It is a strive for positive change and I am not sure how relevant the pace of movement is as long as there is some.

Well, my point today is that we do not need to worry about that. Why would we? It seems that revolution -well at least its imagery and symbolism are coming into fashion now that the pseudo-political science seems to be suffering from Michael Moore's absence. Just eat pot noodles for a few weeks, save enough money and get the attire that is needed to not to need to think. Hurray!

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