28 November 2006

LDN fotos.

Few new (tourist) fotos have been uploaded again online. I went to London this weekend to have a small break from writing my dissertation and quite grey Birmingham. Had good times there seeing some friends first in Brixton and then in Tottenham. I actually only came back today (Monday) and just about made it in time to the lecture directly from the station. Next few weeks are bound to be very busy again and I have never looked so much forward to the holidays (I am sure I have - I am just being dramatic).

19 November 2006

Photo talk

This post is about taking photos so if that is not your cup of tea I recommend you to have a quick look at the few sample photos and then maybe read the next post which is cinema related or just go about your day. If you are interested in taking photos this may be a bit simplistic; I am an amateur but generally speaking.. some good stuff in this post.

Now that I have ruled out all the readers and no one will get this far I can pretty much say anything – how liberating.

I like taking photos. I think it is great. I like visual things but I can’t draw so Potoshop and camera are my dear friends. When I am sitting in a bus, walking buying bread or doing anything I do I always do few things on side. I almost always listen to music and while doing that I hunt the good audio hooks, beats and speech clips to use in some jingle, promo or public service announcement at some point and I also scout the scenery of spots to take photographs in. These are the two things I almost never stop doing. Taking a photo sometimes takes much more effort than you would think. You find the place you think is good, you go back there with your camera when the weather and light is right, you take as many photos as you feel it takes to get a good one and then finally at home you can really see whether it is as sharp as you wanted it to be. If not you may have to go back and take a better one. I often go back and take pictures from same place to get them right – well at least sometimes I do. One of those photos that still needs to be taken again is the one from the train station that you can see if you scroll down a bit. The one with a passing train. It needs smaller ISO and longer exposure time to get the movement of the train to be more dramatic. There – I gave a way my secret.

Another one that I need to return to is this self-portrait idea that I got in a bus. I think it is getting there but I am such a poor model in photos I need to try it again and hopefully in a bit better light so it is bit sharper.

I also printed this week few images and for the first time ever I tried the a3 size. I must admit it does make the images to look quite cool. I only had time for few prints but I did the view from the Robben Island. This is an image I took few months back in Cape Town and it practically is a view that the political prisoners, including Mr Mandela, would have been seeing a lot while collecting the seaweed from the water.

Another print I did was the flyer/poster I did last week for my friend ENDZ for her album launch party. I have designed the CD covers as well so this follows the same visual concept. I didn’t have anything from that session (CD covers and other promo stuff) yet on print so it was nice to see it and it looked alright as well.

I have also done another advert recently for my radio show but because its content is not confirmed yet I can’t put it up yet. I think it is one of the coolest things I have done though. This is an advert I did for my dad not too long ago. I liked the idea of doing something that is completely different from the majority of rather dull adds you see on local papers.

I have been through few photo blogs and they seem to have this thing where they mention the camera and its model that has been used, aperture and other information and sometimes I just look at the photos and feel that the brand of the camera could have been Nokia. I am sure that it is some kind of an industry standard to list this information but I couldn’t even always tell myself from my photos. It's not always so rational. It's more like a bit more there and that and that is it. Well I guess if you care you can tell it from the image as well. That much about my photo talk. I wanted to write a bit about it because recently I have mainly posted some photos and not much texts. Feel free to continue going to my Flickr accounts here and here and also now you can check my newly re-designed radio show blog from here.

Peace and until the next one.

I saw some film - I think.

Just coming back from cinema and it has been a while since the last time. I was first eager to see the Borat film, then what I read about it made me think that it is just offensive and now that I have seen it I must say that it is forgettable.

I was supposed to write few things about it but on the way home, in approximately 45 minutes, I forgot most of it. I laughed few times, couldn’t watch few times and wished it would end already few times. Things like that. I have seen better and I have seen worse.

There is only so much fun that I get from silly Americans and there is only so much that, as a foreigner with an accent in England for three years, I can laugh at the Englishman making funny foreign accent.

So yeah.. blaa blaa blaa.. What I actually found a bit offensive was everything around my cinema experience. As a student I paid £ 3.70 to get in which, especially on a weekend, is not too bad but then I went buying some sweets and ended up paying £ 3.80 for a small pick and mix bag. So that was the biggest investment and it really wasn’t that big bag because I had finished it before the film started.

While it may sound like I ate it very fast, that is not actually quite true either. The film was supposed to start at 19.25 and I was on my seat something like twenty past. I know that there is few trailers and adds before the actual film starts but somehow it is nice to get a good seat and just settle down; I enjoy that kind of small things and a bit of organisation. First fourteen minutes (I actually checked it because it felt a bit long) was adds. Commercials about how Coke can save me from boredom because it is exiting (it didn’t mention anything about it funding Israeli army) and how I need some big Land Rover car because that will take me to some parallel reality which they like to call beyond (they didn’t mention anything about it being more environmental to drive smaller car or how much increasingly expensive petrol the big car uses). I realised that living in this internet world, like I have done in a past few months, one gets distanced from the consumerism. Well it depends because you can pick the sites you visit. After the commercials there was ten minutes of incredibly boring looking films about Christmas, some fiction riding on that Lord of the Rings wave, a bit of a suspense and of course an American comedy. Actually all the films were American so pointing out the origin of the comedy is redundant. Some call it cultural imperialism, some just stick with good old corporate capitalism.

Now after the trailers I had already watched almost twenty five minutes of someone trying to sell me something. Then after that there were few more quick adds; Mobile phone company telling me how I should switch my phone off just this once and blaa blaa blaa. To be honest with you after watching almost half an hour of commercials and while doing so eating the most expensive bag of sweets I started to think that the cinema ticket was a rip off. In commercial TV, you don’t pay for the licence because you watch the adds, in online subscription station you don’t hear adds because you pay for the service and now there are new services from where you can download music for free if you watch some adverts while doing it and there is a new mobile phone company starting up a free service where you only have to listen to advertising but not to pay in order to chat away with your mates. You see where I am getting with this? I think you do – these cinema companies could compromise one form of generating money from the Pavlovian audiences who religiously go and see anything they are told to.

I also had a great experience on my evening of cinema. Before the film I went to the restroom and as it is really cold here and I couldn’t feel my fingers at that point, it felt really good to just put them under hot water tap. This excitement got even better with the dryer which blew some hot air to dry my hands. See, there is always something good in everything.

13 November 2006

More photos.

I have been busy enough with university work and have not been writing anything in a while. Cannot do it today either as I must write a script for radio drama believe it or not. Few fotos from here anyway.