19 December 2006

Few lines from Helsinki

The past few months the general hectic life has practically made me a non-blogger. That wasn’t the meaning at all but I’ve just been busy doing million things and writing few others. I’m happily on holiday now back in Finland so I decided that the quietness must stop.

I have been preparing my end of year lists which seem to be a some sort of a obligation for every blogger. It’s been a great year with music, I’ve read some brilliant books but films this year have been low standard. I’ve seen some good ones, of course, but because of my circumstances I haven’t even had a proper chance to see good quality films from all over the world. I will not dwell on that more now; the actual lists are coming in few weeks time.

Myspace has taken some of my time as well. It would be such a cool service if only it wasn’t owned by the devil himself. I (amongst millions of others) was chosen as a person of the year by TIME magazine. I am not sure if that is a worth of mention in my CV. I guess it’s a sign of times though. Now I am in the same league with Hitler and Stalin - how nice.

I was watching the other day quite interesting documentary about the war on terrorism. I didn’t yet have time to watch the whole thing and when it comes to these conspiracy theories around this modern so called terrorism that we have this so called war against, I am not sure about them. I like them though because they raise good questions and they must be answered. I doubt they will ever be. This documentary particularly had some very interesting material about London bombings.

My own personal experience, and I could write a standard blog entry to be used every time I use airports, is pretty grim. The war seems to be mainly on customer service and even after all these months, the airports and air companies have failed to adjust into the new regulations although for us, the paying customers, there are only two options and one of them is not to fly at all. Queues both in Birmingham International and Amsterdam’s Schiphol were ridiculous and the new checks haven’t been facilitated much. People waited in lines for ages some even missing their connecting flights. I’d like to ask how is it even possible to get that kind of connecting flight that leaves too soon after the first one lands and the new waiting times haven’t been thought of? I ended up running like a mad-person to get out of there and finally landed in Helsinki few hours after – in time I must add.

Nothing major on other fronts. Few pictures from here, lists are coming soon much like they did last year and I’ll get other things to write about soon enough.

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