18 March 2007

Reflecting back a bit

My exhibition 'Kipepeo' is finally up. If you’re around the Manchester area, you are more than welcome to check it out at Cafe Muse and if not go and have a look at the online version. I also have some fotos from the venue and from the preparation process which you can view here.

The whole process from beginning to an end; although it hasn’t ended yet, but, say, so far, has been such a learning experience. Much more work than I would have guessed but the satisfaction to see the images up was also better than I thought. It wasn’t just something along the way but an actual moment of pride. Not bad at all. Seeing for the first time people just being there, mostly drinking coffee not even concentrating on the images, was nice. It was a moment when it all become quite real and definitely a moment to remember.

I have just the other day booked the tickets to Finland so I will be there for the Easter. Next few weeks will be incredibly hectic as I may still make my way to Manchester to a radio conference where my boss from Cape Town is talking. Haven’t made up my mind about it yet but I’d really like to go.

I have also uploaded whole bunch of old fotos to my flickr site (the older one of the two). Many of them are from live concerts and although the quality (or the camera at the time) isn't always the best possible I still find some value in them. Go and check them out from here.

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