8 March 2007


My blogging has decreased to the minimum lately. Surely I will get more active when I don’t have that many things on the plate anymore; now for instance I should write my research, not this. It still needs to be said that the preparations for the exhibition I wrote about before are going well. I have all the images done and printed and now I only need to take care of few other things such as frames and then brochure. Photographs themselves will go up next Monday.

Another thing that is happening at the moment, well Saturday actually is that I am going to vote. I have never before got around voting “abroad” and now we have a parliamentary election in Finland and I have figured out not only where should I go but also who do I give my support to.

Today I was on an inaugural lecture of my Professor. That was nice event. He was talking about popular music, radio and things like that using James Brown as an example.

When I get the photographs up for my first exhibition I will write more and I also by the way have already confirmed another exhibition in Birmingham. That will take place in June in the Central Library. It’ll be a very different space but no less exciting.

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