29 April 2007

Thing or two

I have become a complete stranger to my own blog. It is not the first time either that I say that. I have been writing a lot – just not here. The dissertation starts finally be ready. Well, very soon it will and it has been a mission and a half. I am not going to write more about that.

Sleep deprivation resulted with one of the strangest experiences in a while. I was having a dream during my short rest and in that dream I was also resting but then the mattress started moving. It was very vivid; I never remember my dreams anyway and mouse ran out of my bed. I woke up but because I was so tired I can’t quite tell at which point the dream ended and I woke up. So I still am not sure if there was a mouse in my bed or if I was just dreaming. But so real it was that I woke up and couldn’t sleep after it at all. I checked the room and under the bed and later on even more carefully and there is absolutely no sign of anything. I am not quite sure if I rather have a mouse in my room than be trippin, but it appears that the latter is the case.

Other than that, our neighbours in Estonia are experiencing a bit of commotion. Tricky situation but I feel that they have right to do as they wish and moving a symbol of oppression does not sound like a crime to me. Especially I don’t see why Russian citizens should take it so personally. If someone, then it is the Russian speaking minority in Estonia who doesn’t have the passport as I hear they aren’t treated that well generally, but even that is not about a statue. But people get serious about these symbols. I guess as I Finn, I see things from a certain angle, but Stalin wasn’t all about fighting fascism in the second world war. If he wouldn’t have been on a winning side who then goes on to write the history his reputation now would be even worse than it is. And not many see him particularly as a freedom fighter as things are. This, of course, is not to side with his main enemy but that conflict wasn’t all about big countries. Smaller ones like us and Estonia, although not independent at the time, were drawn in without putting out any sort of death wishes. I hope the conflict gets sorted soon and no one over-reacts any more than they already have.

On the good news, spring has arrived. When I was in Finland during the Easter my friend told me that he can tell I’ve been in UK because I talk about the weather. That is true, but it’s emphasised by the fact that I haven’t had summer in 16 months now and I desperately need one.

My time in UK is soon over. Four years on and off on the island has been an experience to remember and large parts of it to try to forget. Very educational. Both academically and generally in life. The time has become to reflect and I am not going to do it here now, but I must say it has been on my mind a lot recently. New things are waiting for me and surely that is a good thing.

What have I learned then. Well, a lot, but if nothing else a characteristic to a process has been a skill to engage in a discourse which indicates considerable insight on matters which I may not posses significant knowledge of. Ya dig.

But many things are inevitably changing and that’s good, but I haven’t even had time to think how I am going to sort some things, such as my radio show out. I haven’t got a studio available in Finland where I will spend this summer. After that I am however going to South Africa (fingers crossed) so that will be a good thing. For my next academic research I am going to be so much better than this time around and that’s just natural. Things are looking up aren’t they. I hope I never meet that mouse regardless of if it was real or imaginary.

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Derin said...

You really are leaving soon. I mean I was expecting it but it's still strange to know I won't like see you that often. Although, I still maintain that I will come and see you in Finland. So hurry up with that mortgage and job. Otherwise, see you in SA or Nigeria, depending on which one of us has more money. Take care you. P.S- The mouse is sooo real!!