31 May 2007

Summer is here.. almost.

Do you know what is optimism? Optimism is when after four years living in UK after one of two sunny days you leave for a long weekend thinking “I don’t think it will rain”. You could call that na├»ve; stupid even, but most definitely optimist. So, an old cynic like myself had to immediately pay the price for one step to that side. Now I have a flu. Weather in London was just plain awful. Rain, wind and cold, but other than that the city is still as nice as ever. I like London. This may have been a last visit in a while but I finally bought myself an Oyster card (for the public transport) to validate me as a human being (because that is how important it is) and letting the government to follow my movements. Although, I do have to say that even if that's the word on the street that Oyster card is for monitoring ones movements, I have no idea how they know it’s me and most of all what they want to find out about my life. If big brother is reading this blog entry, please email me what is interesting in my life because I fail to find it. I guess you know my address.

Ah well, jokes aside. Life really is nice at the moment. All the University work is more or less done, and it was fun to be in London again, as it has been established. The thing that makes the city nice, is that its got so many small businesses that you can support. Well, in theory if you have enough money you can, but I say this as compared to Birmingham; infested by big chain companies and J D Wetherspoon pubs, you just don’t get a chance to get a nice cup of coffee without supporting some big company that then, with your one and half pound, go and put up even one more branch right across the street. London has them as well, of course, but they aren’t the only options. We had such a good time in Juice Bar in Brixton. I recommend this place to everyone. They mix different juices and alcohol and you can also get the traditional drinks, beer and wine. It’s a small place, absolutely wonderful service and atmosphere and cool music. I had the best (and damn near the only) night out so far this year!

After visiting London I still have one more trip to be done in UK before my departure in 25th of June. I must still go to Manchester to collect my exhibition ‘Kipepeo’ away. I haven’t been in Manchester since opening it up almost three months ago. Nevertheless it has been such a cool experience even from the distance. One more of those and my self-esteem gets too much for my own good.

I have also opened some new accounts online. So check me out at Linked In and Facebook (if you have an account and if I still remember all my passwords for these). These are the new flavours of the month so I had to tag along and get them. I actually think Facebook is ok and Linked In may be useful at some point as it is more professional.

At the moment I think I have or contribute to five blogs, have MySpace, the new ones I mentioned already and subscribe to some dozens of RSS feeds, five or six which are weekly podcasts. That, I suppose makes me an online addict but I am actually, besides coffee drinking, trying also to cut down my daily online time.

One cool project though, which I have spent a lot of time with is Refucast. Well, I think it’s cool anyway. It is a concept (that means that it’s hypothetical for now) to create a podcast system amongst the refugee community in Britain. I am quite proud of some this work so go and have a look and listen at Refucast web blog.

Tomorrow is the first of June. The summer is here. It’s a first one for me in seventeen months. I needed one badly but in all honesty, this summer will be the best ever. Why? – I am sure we’ll find out later on.

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