31 July 2007

July please I am on my knees...

Four years ago I lived in Ireland. In Cork. In Ireland there's a singer called Mundy and that summer he had a hit song called July. It's one twelfth of each year but now when it's still barely here, it's almost again eleven months away from us. It's somehow a special month. It's what summer is all about in the north.

It’s late night late July and in Helsinki the rain is pouring down. Today everyone has told me that July was rubbish weather wise, but I thought it actually wasn’t too bad. I got myself a tan and I enjoyed the nice days on manyer occasion. So not complaining. Another thing about July; it took forever. This in normal circumstance on the northern hemisphere is supposedly a good things as well, but boy, it’s been very long this time around. I am waiting for the September see. This year I am about to have two summers in a row again, but even better news on a personal department – I am also getting married. That surely is a great news. That’s my September this year.

Before September there are still few things happening. This week I am going to go and witness some South African pure Hip Hop in Helsinki as Nthabi is performing on few different occasions and I’ll also see my homegirl Endz the Otherness finally on the documentary Counting Headz: South Africa’s Sistas in Hip Hop.

After that I’ll pay a visit to Nordkapp. Nordkapp is, as you can see from the map, the very north tip of Europe. It’s what Cape of Good Hope is to South. I am exited and quite frankly I have no idea how it will be. There will be enough fotos of the trip I am sure. I am going to drive there with my dad and come back around my twenty eight birthday and then September. Yeah the September… good times.

On another news... whether any of this really qualify as news or not, the University is over and I have finished my studies with nice First Class Honours and nice ackowledgment of the hard work in the form of a cheque... It needs to be said once again; good times.

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